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Coca‑Cola HBC produces protective face shields in its factory in Ploiesti

We continue to support the community in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic, and we have recently commenced the production of protective face shields in our factory in Ploiesti - with the help of a 3D printer. This idea stemmed from our production colleagues who identified this need and suggested ways of meeting it. The 3D printer was offered to us by the Coca‑Cola HBC Group, and colleagues from the factory in Ploiesti have already produced 500 face shields to be offered to our customers in fragmented trade and HoReCa.


Youth Empowered – now available as a mobile app!

We believe in empowering youths, which is why we remain close to them and help them discover and grow their potential. There are so many young people out there who need to be encouraged to be themselves, to trust their capacities and build their future! We are trying to help them in the most natural way for them – delivering help directly on their mobile phones. We are happy to announce that we have launched the Youth Empowered mobile app, that can be downloaded for free from Google Play and App Store.


Coca‑Cola's presence in Romania means more money in the local economy and in projects for the community, as well as thousands of jobs for Romanians

We have been in Romania for over 27 years and we are more than a beverage producer: we are part of the community, part of the future of Romania. We have launched a new socio-economic impact study, which shows how important the Coca‑Cola System is to the development of the economy and community in which we operate and the first sustainability report at a System level. Find out more here.


Coca‑Cola HBC again named Europe’s most sustainable beverage company

The 2019 Dow Jones Sustainability Index – a leading global benchmark for sustainability in business – has rated Coca‑Cola HBC Europe’s most sustainable beverage company. This is the 6th time in 7 years that the company has been ranked number 1 in the index and the 9th year in a row that it has been ranked in the top three Global and European beverage companies.


Coca‑Cola HBC Romania, Paviani and Scania - partnership to reduce CO2 emissions and promote sustainability in transport

In partnership with Paviani Eurocar, one of our main suppliers of transport services and the Scania truck manufacturer, we use a fuel-efficient truck that allows a 15% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions compared to those produced by a classic truck. As part of a pilot project, the truck will run between the 18 Coca‑Cola HBC warehouses in Romania.


Coca‑Cola HBC Romania has been named, for the fifth consecutive year, the most desired employer in the FMGC industry

Coca‑Cola HBC, the leader of the beverage industry in Romania, is "the most desired FMCG employer" for the fifth consecutive year and one of the most appreciated employers in Romania, according to this year's Most Desired Employers ranking, developed by Catalyst Solutions.


After Us, It's On Us to Collect - Golden Award for Excellence at the Romanian PR Award 2018

'After Us, It's On Us to Collect' is the project that motivated us, this summer, to collect selectively. Now that fall is here, it's time to collect the rewards: the 16th edition of the Romanian PR Award Gala has brought us the biggest prize in the "Communication of environmental projects" category. We thank the approximately 615,000 people who have interacted with our campaign's messages and the separate collection solutions offered by our project. We also give thanks to our partners, GreenPoint, who have helped us implement these solutions.


Through our Youth Empowered project, we give the future a chance. Interview with Irina Ionescu, Public Affairs & Communication Manager at Coca‑Cola HBC Romania

Initiated in 2017, Youth Empowered responds to simple, but very important needs of a large number of young people belonging to vulnerable categories: the lack of a job and the lack of opportunities for professional and personal development - said Irina Ionescu. Learn more about this program in her interview for Revista Piata.


We have launched our first employer branding campaign

This campaign highlights the people responsible for the story of Coca‑Cola HBC in Romania, which began over 26 years ago.


After us, it's on us to collect – Have fun at the festival and take care of what you leave behind

Coca‑Cola HBC Romania will be present at Untold festival with solutions for separate waste collection. The latest project within the sustainability platform, After Us, encourages you to collect separately at the festival, from July 2nd to July 5th, using three simple solutions: store the waste at the Eco-Island, using the plastic collection points inside the festival or the Photo Collector – where you can collect separately and take a photo on the spot.


Sustainable choices change the future

"For our Group, but also for Romania, the sustainability approach is very important as part of the business," said Irina Ionescu, Public Affairs & Communication Manager, Coca‑Cola HBC Romania in an interview for Biz Magazine.

„You have to try a little harder, dedicate yourself a little and everything will be fine” - Dragoș Pleșuvu, part of the Youth Empowered program since last year

In the first year of implementation, Youth Empowered educational program, developed by Coca‑Cola HBC Romania in partnership with The Social Incubator Association, brought together more than 1,200 young Romanians, mostly from disadvantaged backgrounds. Starting this year, young people participating in the program will be able to attend training sessions through the available courses and the e-learning platform of the program, called DigiHub.

After Us, a success for all the supporters: we enjoy important recognitions at the Romanian CSR Awards Gala 2018

Our Sustainability Platform, After Us, has brought us another important recognition: 1st place for Community Support, at the Romanian CSR Awards Gala. Furthermore, this year's ‘CSR Leader’ distinction was awarded to Irina Ionescu, the company’s Public Affairs and Communication Manager. The success belongs to our team and to each and every one who supports us in leaving a better world After Us. Thank you for helping us take the story of After Us further!

Coca‑Cola HBC Romania signs the Diversity Charter

The company commits to continue promoting and implementing diversity and non-discrimination principles, inclusion and equality of chances inside and outside the company, serving as an example of good practice for other companies or organizations.

Coca‑Cola HBC Romania, the most wanted and admired employer in the FMCG industry

Coca‑Cola HBC Romania ranks 5th among the most admired and wanted employers in Romania, according to BrandHive, a recent study conducted by Unlock Market Research, and is the only FMCG employer in top 10.

Play Coca‑Cola HBC's 2020 sustainability commitments

We are committing to new sustainability targets for 2020 to reinforce the sustainable growth of our business and inspire a better future.

Visit the online platform of our program, Youth Empowered


We offer enjoyment and diversity through a world-class portfolio, including Coca‑Cola, the best-known and biggest-selling soft drink in history.

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The high-speed can line inaugurated in our Timisoara plant | Linie de producţie de mare viteză pentru îmbutelierea dozelor din fabrica din Timisoara

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We are the largest company in the beverages industry and second largest in FMCG. We produce and bottle locally, distributing beverages of The Coca‑Cola Company in Romania and in ten other countries in the region. Find out more about Coca‑Cola HBC Romania.

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Our strong and relevant presence on the local market is visible in your local shops and restaurants, but also with a glance at the key-figures that summarize our local impact.

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Our history in Romania is an exciting journey that began over 25 years ago. With every year, we have come closer to the hearts of consumers and have grown deeper roots into the local community. Find out more about our our history here.